Overland transport: the classic logistics discipline and a strong foundation for the success of our company. Skyways SLS Logistik GmbH makes use of a seamless, Europe-wide road transport network to reach all of its destinations quickly and easily. We are experts in planning transportation and stand out thanks to our core feature: our hubs. Are you planning on introducing a flow of goods? If so, we recommend using HGVs as they have been a reliable distribution solution for decades and we would be delighted to assist you as your experienced partner. We can support you in organizing and executing your project and will be by your side from the beginning right through to the successful conclusion of every transportation assignment.


  • Economy Services
  • Express or Dedicated Trucking
  • Transportation network
  • Consolidation – FTL/LTL
  • Connecting Europe
  • Door to Airport
  • Airport to Airport
  • Door to Door
  • Airport to Door
  • Connecting to your customer
  • Bridging the gap
  • Ancillary Support
  • 24/7 Services
  • Dedicated Team
  • Professional Advices